Good Chi Marbleized Ts (Scroll Down To View All)

Marbleizing is an ancient technique from various cultures around the world. Each shirt is hand made, one-of-a-kind. 100% cotton, artistically crafted with love, technique and internationally imported materials. All shirts have a custom ‘Good Chi’ patch attached. $30 each + a FREE ‘Good Chi’ CD (if you’d like!)

Claim your shirt now! E-mail Subject: ‘Good Chi T’ Include your shirt # (S1, M2, L3, etc as pictured below)

This is a limited one-time-only batch so they will run out fast!
5 Smalls, 10 Mediums and 6 Larges available. Payment and how to receive your shirt (in person or shipping) will be discussed via e-mail. Reserve your shirt now before it is claimed:

Smalls(Scroll down for Medium and Large)

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S5   Available

Mediums(Scroll down for Large)

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