Circlesongs are an interactive group experience created by Bobby Mcferrin. Groups meet together in a circle led by a facilitator standing in the center. The facilitator improvises, vocally creating musical parts conducted to sections of the circle. As each section receives and repeats musical parts, the whole circle becomes an interactive song. Circlesongs build a strong sense of community while having uplifting effects on the individual level. No musical experience is necessary to participate in this group building activity!









Bobby Mcferrin, most famous for his hit single “Don’t Worry Be Happy”  has since explored deep into music and improvisation’s powerful effects on human connection. Circlesongs are practiced all over the world, across many cultures, communities and schools led by experienced facilitators. Once participants get the hang of it, leadership opportunities open for those who wish to enter the circle and create their own musical parts. 

Jacob and Bobby at Count Basie Theater


“I truly enjoyed the dynamic and fun performance with Jacob at my school.  It was amazing to watch high school students let down their guard and participate in the interactive performance.  I watched them encourage each other, lead their peers, and just have some pure fun.  Not only was it fun to witness the students, but I loved taking a moment out of my day to let go of work and just be part of the experience.  It allowed staff and students to connect on a deeper level and left me with a feeling of calm for the rest of my day. Jacob had such a positive energy and it was amazing the way he presented himself to the audience.”  – Christella Villasenor [Educational Coordinator – Collier School]