Jacob Schaffer creates to understand the human experience, as a music based multimedia performing artist. His singer/songwriting roots expanded growing up in the improvisational vocal community led by Bobby Mcferrin and members of Voicestra. With acknowledgment to where music comes from and where it’s going, Jacob explores music and art from an openness to bend-genres. He also holds certifications in mindfulness practices. This unique blend of music and mindfulness has additionally led to the cultivation of Sound Bath Meditations.


After years of musical study, bedroom recordings and soul searching, Jacob Schaffer’s self-produced debut album Good Chi was debuted and celebrated with a Solo European Tour making stops in various countries and the UK. In Holland, began production for the Other Side EP, a serendipitous meeting of the minds and co-production with Mishal Zeera.

Cultivating songs, sounds, visuals and performance. What other vibes will Jacob provide next?