Jacob Schaffer

It Ain’t Bad!

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‘Wide Awake’

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Why can’t they WAKE UP and see it from our perspective? Their world is crazy and unsustainable! It’s not our fault… but WE gotta live with it 😡

So let’s create the change and continue to speak up for ALL we know and believe to be fair 😇

Everyone has a purpose and YOU are on the right track because you are obviously already Wide Awake.👁


🌹🌹🌹’To Love & Again’🌹🌹🌹


3 Songs Relating The Arch of a Romantic Relationship

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From the opening line, “Falling in love for the first time…” to the project’s ending “I’m afraid I have to go…” Jacob Schaffer’s 3 song ‘To Love & Again’ tells the cycle of a romantic relationship.

Soul searching and taking on a nomadic lifestyle, Jacob set out on a one-way music and heart healing journey driven by pure instinct and the frequent kindness of others. He bounced between the East and West coast borders of The USA and Canada, following the call and connecting with communities along the path. Thus the music and heart healing mission began with the conception of this project forming over time. Via many experiences traveling out of a backpack with a guitar he explored, fell in love, got robbed, played many shows and even had his heart broken over the time span that led to the completion of ‘To Love & Again’.

The artist’s wish is to inspire hearts from the vibration of this journey and share an uplifting message of renewal that reminds us that even when things have come to an end, we are simultaneously gifted the opportunity for something new and beautiful to begin.